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Do You Have a Bad Credit History?

Do you worry that bad credit will hold you back from obtaining a car on finance? It might not be a roadblock - just a bump in the road.


How does bad credit impact car finance?

Car finance can seem out of reach if you have a bad credit history. It does make things more difficult for you, as when you apply for finance, the lender will explore your credit history. Poor credit history implies that you may not be able to make monthly repayments, resulting in you being rejected reliably.


What are your options?

Car finance can be challenging with a poor credit score, but you are more likely to be approved than with a bank or personal loan. Hire-Purchase and PCP finance options mean that you do not own the car until you have completed repayment, so if you miss payments, the dealer can take back the car to settle your debt. You can also discuss the most realistic way to spread the cost or provide a guarantor.


Improving your credit history

While it is not always possible to improve your credit history substantially before applying for a car on finance, it is worth making some moves in the right direction. If you can show notable improvement in your credit, such as paying off debts reliably and having a steady income, then this can make lenders look more favourably on you - and relieve a lot of stress.


How Autozone can help

When you contact Autozone, our trained advisors can go through your options in more detail, fully discussing how your credit history may impact each one. We will always offer you transparent advice, and we have a wealth of experience in helping people get their ideal car loans for bad credit history. Get in touch to discuss the best car loan for bad credit today.