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A look back at some of the best cars of 2021
21 December 2021

A look back at some of the best cars of 2021

2021 got off to a rocky start, and the motor industry like many others has suffered, with car sales plummeting. Over the course of this year, the industry has begun to bounce back from the challenging period and we have seen the release of a number of great new models. At Autozone, we want to celebrate this by looking back on some of the best new vehicles which have dominated 2021.

Small cars of 2021

Small cars remain the most popular type of vehicle and the compact models which have particularly stolen the spotlight this year include the Hyundai i10, the Fiat 500, the Renault Clio, and the Ford Fiesta. The Hyundai i10 does a great job of manoeuvring into tight spaces, while still providing more room for rear passengers in its class. The Fiat 500 is as stylish as ever and is making significant strides in the electrification process. The Renault Clio remains a hugely popular small car this year, acclaimed for being so well-rounded, offering practicality, sophisticated looks, generous technology and an affordable price tag. Its rival supermini, the Ford Fiesta also deserves a mention, as it cannot be beaten for drivability. 


Family cars of 2021

Family cars come in various shapes and types and particular manufacturers that have had a good year include SEAT, for the Leon model, Skoda for the Octavia, Hyundai for the Tuscon and Volvo for the XC40. The Skoda Octavia has long been a frontrunner in the family car class and it does not disappoint this year. The SEAT Leon has some fierce competition as a family hatch but it really stands its ground. It is generously equipped and fun to drive, while offering masses of boot space all at a price which many of its rivals just don’t come close to. Hyundai strikes again, and this time with an SUV. The Tuson is a good looking vehicle with plenty of cabin space, providing both style and substance. Volvo’s SUV is equally impressive, with a classy design, bags of room and the level of reliability you would expect from this manufacturer.


Luxury cars of 2021

Luxury cars are the stuff of dreams, and you would expect to find premium materials, supreme comfort and a smooth engine. Some of the best from the year include the BMW 5 Series M Sport, the Bentley Flying Spur and the BMW X5 M Sport. BMW is a brand that really knows how to craft satisfying engines, and the refreshed 5 Series M Sport is opulent and swift, offering an unbelievably enjoyable driving experience which is hard to contend with. The manufacturer’s SUV is just as luxurious, providing outstanding handling, a luxurious interior and a highly advanced infotainment system. Bentley’s offering is all about comfort, with exceptional suspension and interior materials of the highest quality which would allow your passengers to fall asleep even on the most uneven roads.


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