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Does Your Licence Type Affect Car Finance? | Autozone UK
28 July 2022

Does Your Licence Type Affect Car Finance? | Autozone UK

You may have noticed that we didn’t say that you needed a full UK driver’s licence and that’s because you don’t. The reason for a photo ID is that you can easily prove your identity this way, and something like a passport is also accepted.

Do you need a full UK driver’s licence to get car finance?

When it comes to applying for car finance, you will often be asked for the following:

  • A valid form of photo ID
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income
  • The amount you want to borrow
  • How long you want to borrow for

The benefits of using a full UK driver’s licence include registering the vehicle if your finance application is approved and having it insured. 


Is it easy to apply for car finance using a provisional driver’s licence?

If you have a provisional licence, you may still be able to apply for car finance in the UK; however, you are likely to experience stricter requirements. To a lender, a provisional licence can indicate a higher level of risk as owners of these licences tend to be younger and have little to no credit. This can result in lenders offering higher monthly payments, higher interest rates and a select number of cars you’ll be able to finance.

To improve your chances of getting your finance application approved, you can:

  • Apply for hire purchase finance instead of PCP as they aren’t as risky to the lender because you’ll be paying off the car’s value over the contract’s length.
  • Consider applying for guarantor finance with someone who has a good credit score. This can help lessen the risk to the lender, but it’s important to remember that the guarantor will be expected to make payments should you fall behind.
  • Try to get your credit score up and running by ensuring you are registered to vote and using some form of credit like a phone contract or credit card. Making regular payments will improve your credit score and reassure lenders that you’ll be able to keep up with the car finance payments. 

Can I apply for car finance with a motorbike licence?

Like a provisional licence, a motorbike licence is a form of photo ID to help you start the finance application.

However, only the following licences allow for you to drive 3 and 4-wheeled vehicles as well as 2-wheeled ones:

  • AM moped licence: 2 or 3-wheeled vehicles that don’t exceed the speed limit of 28mph. This can also apply to quad bikes that aren’t heavier than 350kg.
  • Q moped licence: 2 or 3-wheeled vehicles without pedals and an engine size no bigger than 50cc. It also cannot exceed speeds of 15.5mph.
  • B1 light vehicles and quad bikes licence allows for 4-wheeled vehicles up to 400kg unladen or 550kg if they’re meant to carry goods.

A full or provisional driving licence may be required to register and insure the vehicle.


Can I get car finance in the UK with an international driver’s licence?

Yes, you can apply for car finance with an international licence. It can depend on the lender and if they work with insurance providers who can help drivers without a UK driver’s licence. 

Even if you don’t have a UK licence, an international one that doesn’t have any penalty points does look good on a finance application. Just make sure you have a UK bank account for organising the credit aspect of the finance loan.


Does that mean I can get car finance in the UK with an EU driver’s licence?

Again, you can apply for car finance in the UK using an EU driver’s licence. It will help your application if you have resided in the UK for over three years, have a UK bank account and have a permanent place of employment.

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