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Festive Christmas Car Quiz
05 December 2022

Festive Christmas Car Quiz

Have A Go At Our Christmas Quiz!

Autozone’s Christmas Car Quiz 2022

How well do you know your automotive Christmas trivia? Put your knowledge to the test with Autozone/Car Credit Now’s 2022 festive car quiz, then check the answers at the bottom of the page to see if you were correct!

Question 1:

With 33,562 units sold so far, which model is the best selling car of 2022 in the UK?

Ford Puma 
Vauxhall Corsa
Nissan Qashqai

Question 2

Who sang the Christmas classic Driving Home for Christmas?

Chris Rea
Elton John

Question 3

Which classic Christmas film features a 1919 Dodge Brothers Touring Car getting crashed into a tree?

Miracle on 34th Street
A Christmas Story
It’s a Wonderful Life

Question 4

In 2010, THINK! launched a campaign to provide free soft drinks for designated drivers at Christmas with which global company?

PepsiCo Inc.
The Coca-Cola Co.
Starbucks Corp.

Question 5

Which automotive video game from a popular series has been released this November, just in time for Christmas?

Grand Theft Auto 6
Hot Wheels Unleashed
Need for Speed: Unbound

Question 6

Which automaker overtook Toyota this year as the largest automaker in the world? 


Question 7

Which Hollywood actor played 6 different roles in The Polar Express?

Tom Hanks
Macaulay Culkin
Will Ferrell 

Question 8

In his rendition of the song Santa Baby Michael Buble asks for his tree to be trimmed with decorations from which well known automotive brand? 


Question 9

Earlier this year, Ford announced that which of their models would be discontinued?


Question 10

The music video to which Christmas number 1 features a group of children moving into different positions to make animated figures including a car? 

Earth Song
Mad World
When We Collide

Question 11

Which of these 20th-century Formula 1 drivers were born on Christmas day?

Wilson Fittipaldi 
Niki Lauda
Jack Brabham

Question 12

In which Christmas film is Santa’s sleigh replaced by a ‘69 Chevy Impala? 

Bad Santa
Jingle All The Way

Question 13

Which singer recently asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk for help because she was unable to change her Twitter name from ‘Christmas’? 

Britney Spears
Taylor Swift
Doja Cat

Question 14

According to an RAC survey, what did drivers rank as their top festive concern last year?

Getting stuck in Christmas traffic
Driving in bad weather
Increased fuel prices

Question 15

Recently, a man in Southampton made local news when he decorated his car with what?

Fairy lights
Mince pies


1 = C

2 = A

3 = C

4 = B

5 = C 

6 = A

7 = A

8 = C

9 = B

10 = B

11 = A

12 = B

13 = C

14 = B

15 = A


How many answers did you get right? However well you did, we hope you had fun playing the quiz and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at Autozone/Car Credit Now! If you decide that 2023 is the year for a new motor, we hope you will come and pay us a visit!