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How to Clean Cloudy Headlights at Home
28 March 2022

How to Clean Cloudy Headlights at Home

Headlights are a component that is regularly overlooked in vehicle maintenance, but it is important to make sure that they stay clean so that you have optimum visibility while driving.

Positioned at the front and bottom of your car, your headlights are bound to pick up a lot of dirt and grime from the roads, and oxidation from the sun can make them yellow and cloudy. If you allow dirt to build up, it can limit the effectiveness of your lights and significantly reduce your visibility at night, so whatever the weather, it is a good idea to give your vehicle lights a good clean every now and again.

Here is how to clean your headlights thoroughly, so that they can do their job and keep you and other drivers safe:

Start with soap and water

The first step is to clean your headlights with soapy water to get rid of the worst of the dirt. This can be done as part of your routine car wash, just remember to give plenty of attention to the lights.

1. Check the condition of the headlights

Once you have uncovered the lights beneath the grime, you can inspect them to see if restoration is needed. If the plastic encasing the lightbulb is yellow and cloudy, it will require something stronger than soap and water.

2. Choose your restoration product

There is a range of products available specifically for headlight restoration, so do some research and choose one that is well-reviewed.

3. Prepare your vehicle lights

Restoration products can contain strong substances, so you might want to protect the bodywork around the headlight with some masking tape or automotive paint tape. Check the instructions of your restoration product to see if any other precautions are necessary.

4. Apply the restoration product

Follow the instructions to apply your product. Many will come with a buffing pad that you can attach to a drill to really make your headlights shine.

5. Rinse

When your headlights have been cleaned, buffed and polished, you can rinse off any residue using water and a microfibre cloth. Then, remove the tape and headlights should be good as new!

It is also worth checking your headlight bulbs regularly by walking around your vehicle to see if they are dim. Many modern cars will alert you to this on the dashboard or display screen. If your lights aren’t bright enough, make sure that you get them replaced in due time so that you maintain full visibility at night or in poor weather conditions. Make sure that you choose the right bulb for your vehicle and check that it is working before setting off.