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How To Stay Safe Driving In Snow, Ice And Heavy Rain
19 January 2022

How To Stay Safe Driving In Snow, Ice And Heavy Rain

With winter in full swing, the inconvenience of having to de-ice our cars first thing in the morning has become a daily ritual and the roads are treacherously slippery from snow, ice and rain. These weather conditions can be very hazardous for drivers, so here are some tips for staying safe.

Carry out regular vehicle checks

To make sure that your car is in the best condition to tackle the winter weather, it is important to conduct these basic checks on a regular basis:


When the roads are slippery, you are going to require more traction, which is why your tyres need to be up to scratch. For effective grip, you need to make sure that they are well above the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm and keep their pressure topped up.

Windscreen and wipers

Ensure that your windscreen gives you full visibility before setting off in your vehicle. Get yourself a good deicer and start demisting as soon as you can. Your windscreen wipers must be functioning properly so that they are capable of clearing water, snow and anything else which could obscure your view. If you have any issues with your wipers, get them replaced quickly.



Winter brings fewer daylight hours so it is important to use your vehicle lights to make other drivers aware of your presence. Dipped headlights are sufficient when dark clouds and rain are making it more difficult to see clearly, and if fog or darkness reduces your vision further, switch on your fog lights or main beam but be sure to turn them off again as soon as visibility returns to avoid dazzling other drivers. 


Take it slow

You will need to amend your speed when driving on wet and icy roads as braking distances will be increased. Driving more slowly will help you to maintain control of your vehicle and avoid skidding. If you are running late, just remember that it is better to be late than to have an accident. Try to plan ahead and allow extra time for journeys if the weather conditions are poor.


Tune in for traffic updates

Talking about planning ahead, it is a good idea to put the radio on while you are getting ready before you set off and also during your journey so that you hear about any accidents, road closures and traffic jams. This way, you can look at alternative routes to avoid congestion.  


Beware of puddles!

Heavy rain can turn small puddles into lakes and driving through them can be risky. If you know of local areas which are susceptible to flooding, or you come across a pool of water and you are unsure how deep it is, take another route. If you are faced with a puddle which you have assessed as shallow enough to drive through, take the following precautions:

  • Put your vehicle into a low gear
  • Rev your car to produce momentum
  • After passing through the flooded area, stop to allow excess water to drain and test your brakes

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