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Is buying a car online safe?
04 May 2024

Is buying a car online safe?

Buying a car is an exciting time, but it can also feel a little overwhelming. There are so many options when it comes to the kind of vehicle you can purchase, and where you can purchase it.

It's increasingly popular to buy your car online, but you may have concerns. Is it safe to buy a car online? What should you look for when buying a car online, and how do you know you’re getting a quality vehicle? Keep reading to find out.

Is buying a car online safe?

First and foremost, you might have heard horror stories about motorists getting poor quality vehicles or paying too much money for something that ended up not working out well. It seems a lot safer to buy a car in person, doesn’t it? But buying a car online can be perfectly safe, as long as you follow some simple steps and don’t opt for a “too good to be true” deal.

What can I do to ensure that I am getting what I pay for?

The best way of ensuring that you get what you pay for is to not only choose a reputable seller - rather than a private individual - but to compare the prices of similar cars in the same sort of condition. This will help you to not overspend and to know what you can expect for your money.

Buying a car online checklist

While there might not be a definitive checklist to help you to make the right choice and feel safe on your online car buying journey, you should:

  1. Make sure you research every element of the car you want to buy.
  2. Try to test drive the vehicle when possible.
  3. Research the company you are purchasing from in depth.
  4. Investigate your options when it comes to financing
  5. Ensure there is a service history and clear records with the vehicle.
  6. Check the returns policy on your vehicle.
  7. Ask whether your car will need to be picked up or delivered.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions.


With these steps, it should be easier to make the best and safest choice for you!

How can Autozone help me?

Autozone has a range of high quality used cars to suit every kind of budget and meet your needs. Whether you want to purchase outright or look at finance options, we can help you to find the car you’re looking for, all from the comfort of your own home.

Why is Autozone a company that I can trust?

We're a company with an excellent customer service record and scores of satisfied car owners. You can check out our amazing testimonials for yourself, but rest assured - every car we sell comes with an up-to-date MOT with at least six months left on it and a three month warranty. We don’t do hidden costs or hidden problems; what you see is what you get, and we're available to answer your questions before you make a decision.

When buying a car online, be careful and make sure you go with a reputable seller. If you are looking for the best used car for you in a convenient and quick way, then take a look at the great options that Autozone has to offer.