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Is Everyone Accepted For Bad Credit Finance?
19 October 2021

Is Everyone Accepted For Bad Credit Finance?

Are you considering applying for car finance, but you are worried that your low credit score is going to drag you down? Fortunately, there are finance providers who specialise in lending to borrowers with bad credit, but will they accept anyone and everyone?

Guaranteed car finance for bad credit - does it actually exist?

It is actually now illegal for lenders to advertise “guaranteed car finance” because realistically, no finance provider would accept everyone who applies with no credit checks or confirmation of a borrower’s ability to pay back what they owe. For a start, you need to be over the age of 18 and have proof of income for lenders to even consider your application.

However, at Car Credit Now, we work with lenders who have extremely high approval rates and will even accept applicants with bad credit and a history of CCJs, arrears, defaults, and bankruptcies. Even if you have been refused finance elsewhere, our specialist bad credit finance providers are still likely to make you an offer for used car finance in Barnsley.

The long and short of it is that not everyone will be accepted for bad credit finance, but anyone can be accepted despite their history and credit situation, so it is definitely worth applying.

How to give yourself a better chance of being approved for car finance 

While it is not 100 per cent guaranteed that you will be approved for car finance, you still have a high chance and before you apply, here are some ways that you can increase your chances even more:

  • Get your finances in order - if you have any existing loans which could be seen to impact your ability to make your car finance repayments, it is worth settling them so that you don’t have multiple commitments.
  • Make sure you are on the electoral register - this proves that you have a permanent address which provides some reassurance to lenders.  
  • Check your credit history - you have a right to access your credit file and it may be worth checking that all of the information it contains is accurate and up to date. Any errors should be reported immediately and you should also inform your finance provider if there are mistakes that could harm your application.
  • Consider the cost of the car - You will have a higher chance of being approved for finance on a low-value car and you will come across as more financially responsible to a lender if you are realistic about your budget. At Autozone, we have a wide range of used cars in South Yorkshire varying in price, so there are plenty of options available. 
  • Provide evidence - providing sufficient proof of income, employment, payments, address and residency will all support your case. 


To apply for used car finance in South Yorkshire with Autozone and Car Credit Now, head to the application page on our website and answer the questions as they appear on your screen. We have over a hundred used cars in Barnsley for you to choose from once you have been approved!