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Mandatory Speed Limiters On Cars From 2022
23 November 2021

Mandatory Speed Limiters On Cars From 2022

In 2019, the European Commission came to a provisional agreement that all new vehicles launched from the 6th of July 2022 will be fitted with Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA). Although we are no longer part of the European Union since Brexit, we have still retained the majority of the laws and regulations set out by the union regarding new vehicles, so there is a good chance that the UK will also adopt this one.

What is ISA technology?

Speed assist is safety technology which can be installed in a vehicle via a device so that your car will not exceed a speed limit. This speed limiter differs from cruise control because it does not maintain a consistent speed, you will be able to decrease your speed and increase it until you reach the parameter that has been set. Installing ISA in vehicles is another stage in our advancement of automated cars.


How does ISA technology work?

A speed limiter works by using GPS data as well as traffic-sign identification cameras to determine the maximum speed limit in any given area. The ISA device receives this information and then adjusts the vehicle’s engine power to match the speed with that limit.


What are the benefits of ISA technology?

The major advantage of speed limiters is to promote safer driving and help to reduce traffic accidents. In Britain, the national speed limit on motorways and dual-carriageways is 70mph, however most cars have a higher top-speed than this and a lot of drivers may exceed this either knowingly or without realising. Research by Gov.uk reveals that in 2020, 1,472 fatalities and 22,014 serious injuries due to road accidents were reported.

 It has been estimated by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) that the implementation of this innovative technology in cars will reduce road collisions by 30 per cent. With the new legislation, alongside a number of other measures, the European Commission hopes to eventually eliminate deaths resulting from road accidents.


Can you override or remove a speed limiter?

The speed-limiting system can be overridden by forcefully pressing the accelerator pedal, although every time the vehicle is restarted, the ISA technology will also restart. As it stands, the regulation will allow drivers to turn off the speed limiter.


Are there concerns about ISA technology?

Speed limiters could have potentially life-saving benefits, although there have been some concerns raised. The efficacy of the technology has been questioned, as there have been some incidents of sign-recognition cameras missing speed changes and signs. Further research and development may be required for the speed-restricting technology to be fully effective.


ISA development

Multiple manufacturers, including Ford, Citroen, Honda, Peugeot, Renault, Jaguar and Volvo have begun to incorporate speed limiters in their latest models. 

Various other safety equipment and technology is also becoming compulsory under the new provisional EU regulations. This includes autonomous emergency braking, data loggers, driver fatigue detection, emergency stop signal, lane assist, breathalysers and sensors. If you are looking for used cars in South Yorkshire with advanced technology like this already integrated into their designs, explore the range at Autozone and Car Credit Now. We offer highly competitive used car finance in Barnsley for our vehicles.