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Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid Or Electric: Which Is Right For Me?
20 March 2022

Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid Or Electric: Which Is Right For Me?

If you are wondering which fuel type is right for you, this article will run through the different fuel types on offer and who they are each suited to, so hopefully, you’ll have a better idea of which to pick.

Today, the vehicle market offers more choices than ever before. There are so many makes, models, variants, trims, colours, optional features, and with the rise of electric and hybrid powertrains, you now have a variety of fuel types to choose between. 

It used to be relatively simple, your options were petrol or diesel. Diesel was thought to be the more efficient choice for longer journeys, although that has more recently been called into question and the debate is ongoing. With a ban on future production of vehicles using these traditional fuel types looming, practically every manufacturer has now got an all-electric model, or at least a hybrid to offer. We are gradually seeing more and more of these quiet vehicles on the roads and with petrol and diesel prices skyrocketing at the moment, they seem to be an increasingly appealing option. 



Petrol cars are generally the least expensive of the bunch to buy. If you regularly use your vehicle for long journeys, you might be able to make the extra money back on a more fuel-efficient diesel model, but if your daily commute is relatively short, petrol is going to be the best option for you. Petrol models are also better suited to city driving, as they perform better than diesels at low speeds, not to mention that some cities have started introducing charging zones for older diesel models. 



If your mileage is relatively high, you might benefit from a diesel powertrain. Diesel offers better fuel economy than petrol if the engine is given the time to reach its peak operating temperature, and vehicles using diesel emit less carbon dioxide. So if you frequently drive long distances, diesel could be better for the planet and better for your wallet. Diesel vehicles are better for driving on motorways than low-speed roads because in built-up areas, the particles that they emit can lead to poor air quality.



Hybrids are good because they give you the best of both worlds. They are more efficient than petrol and diesel options, and they have more range than fully electric cars so you won’t need to worry as much about how much battery charge you have. Hybrid cars are also ideal for cities because they can use electric power to pull off, keeping them efficient in start-stop traffic, but they can hold their own on high-speed roads too. Tax will usually be cheaper for hybrid models than traditional fuel types too. 



If your commute is a relatively short distance and you mainly stick to driving around town, an electric car could be ideal for you. Especially in the current climate, EVs are the cheapest type of car to maintain, with tax benefits, grant schemes and low charging costs. They are even more affordable to service. Manufacturers are continuously improving the range of electric models and charging points are becoming more common, but it is worth checking how close your nearest points are before deciding if electric is the right option for you.


Once you have decided on the fuel for you, head to our online showroom where all of our used cars in Barnsley are listed, and filter your search by that fuel type to find your ideal car!