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The Best Used Hatchback in the UK
31 August 2021

The Best Used Hatchback in the UK

When it comes to hatchbacks, it might feel like you’ve got an endless amount of choices.

All manufacturers have a few of them in their collection, they can be spacious while appearing compact making them perfect for condensed living areas like cities. They also provide more headroom to rear passengers due to being slightly taller and giving occupants great visibility due to the increase in height compared to a saloon or estate. So what are the top contenders for the title of the best-used hatchbacks in the UK? At Autozone,  we’ve compiled a list of the cars that we think are deserving of that title. 


BMW 1 Series

The 1 Series is one of few rear-wheel drive cars that holds its own against competitors like the Volkswagen Golf or the Ford Fiesta. While it may not be as stylish as the 3 and 5 Series, its agile and aesthetic design still gives it a sporty feel for those in favour of a fun driving experience. The integration of technology and added space to the interior would be very suitable for those interested in a comfortable, practical drive whether as an everyday family car or commuter to the city. The rear-wheel-drive hasn’t hindered the enjoyment you can get from driving this car, whether it is the distribution of weight as you steer or reaching high speeds, the 1 Series gives a stable and comfortable drive. 


Ford Fiesta

There’s no denying that the Ford Fiesta is a household name. A car that was first introduced in 2008, the Fiesta is definitely a car that keeps coming back stronger with every new model. Over the years, the redesign of the Fiesta has been a subtle one, it’s appealing to both older and younger generations, perfect as a family car or first-time buyers. If you’re a keen driver, then you will appreciate the balanced drive and responsive handling, that results in a fun driving experience without having to compromise too much on price. 

Renault Clio

Renault has been actively reworking the Clio’s design since its introduction in 1990. It’s now smaller and lighter than previous models, with a 71bhp 1.0 litre naturally aspirated petrol triple engine which is designed to appeal to new drivers who will be on the lookout for low insurance premiums. In terms of CO2 emissions, the Renault Clio’s petrol and diesel engines are almost equally matched and claim an average fuel economy between 50 and 56.9mpg. The addition of the 7.0in Easy Link touchscreen infotainment system, parking sensors and leather interior makes the Clio a great option if you’re to downsize from a family car. 


Fiat 500

The 500’s novel design has been iconic since its initial 2007 release, and it has proven a popular choice among first-time drivers and city commuters. Its compact size and value for money are key benefits if you’re looking for a car to get around the city without compromising on the expensive fuel costs. As mentioned, the 500s quirky design is instantly recognisable, taking the original 1957 design and renovating it so that it now has four seats instead of two and a water-cooled engine. Safety hasn’t been compromised either with the original 2007 model receiving a 5 star EuroNCAP rating. 

For drivers with a sense of fun, the Fiat 500 might be worth the expense despite that the engine might be a bit noisy from some drivers and the drive itself is not smooth in comparison to the Abarth range of superminis. 

Volkswagen Golf

Another household name, every introduction of the Golf has performed well, consistently coasting from year to year. The Golf has been redesigned, although the changes are subtle, overall giving the car a more technical and precise look, a safe design that will be pleasant enough to most drivers. It also offers a comfortable ride due to the automatic softening and stiffening of the new dampers, also improving the handling response. 

The familiarity of the medium-height driving position will be a favourite of the car’s design, while the glossy black plastic around the steering wheel and infotainment system gives the impression that the focus is on the driving experience for those keen drivers out there. While it may be seen as just another Golf, the subtle changes to the handling, drivability and efficiency prove that Volkswagen knows what they’re doing when it comes to the old favourites.


Hyundai i30

The most notable design of the i30 is the new grille, a design inspired by the flow of molten steel and will most likely be a returning design feature in newer models. Although the design might not stand out among the competitor hatchbacks out there, it definitely doesn’t look out of place in a line-up. The new i30 offers a sturdier line-up of engines. The main choices lie between the three-cylinder 118bhp 1.0-litre engine and the new four-cylinder 1.4-litre engine, with the main goal of the turbocharged engines is easily accessible torque while also being efficient. 

The i30 offers you a competent, safe drive. Perfect for families and experienced drivers, you won’t find yourself fighting for control or trying to handle a car with too much power when you’d rather have a more comfortable drive. 

We hope that our article helped to shed some light on some of the best-used hatchbacks in the UK. At Autozone, we have a variety of used hatchbacks in our current selection that are competitively priced whether you’re looking for a new used family car, downsizing to a supermini like the Fiat 500, or perhaps you might even be looking for your first car. Our used cars are properly maintained while in our showroom to the manufacturer’s specification, they are also sold with 3-months parts and labour warry and a minimum of 6-months MOT remaining.

If you’re looking for used cars in Barnsley and South Yorkshire, consider Autozone in your search. Have a look through our stock online today, give us a call on 01924 360533 or why not make the trip down to our showroom in Barnsley where we are open 7 days a week.