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What Do I Need To Sell My Car
19 January 2022

What Do I Need To Sell My Car

If you have decided that it is time to sell your car, whether you are selling privately or selling to a dealership it is important to get all of your paperwork in order as soon as possible after making this decision to ensure that the process is as smooth and straightforward as possible.

If you are wondering ‘what documents will I need to sell my car?’, we have put together this quick guide to help. Here are the main items that you are likely to require.



Your logbook or V5C document contains important information about your vehicle and its ownership. You will need this document in order to inform the DVLA that you are no longer in possession of the car, so that the new keeper can be officially registered.

To inform the DVLA that you are relinquishing ownership, you need to complete the relevant section of the logbook and send it to the DVLA. If you are selling privately, this will be Section 6 and 8, or if you are selling to a motor trader it will be Section 9. Alternatively, you can inform the DVLA via the government website.

You will also need to provide the buyer with the green ‘new keeper’ section of the V5C so that they can register themselves as the owner of the vehicle once the sale is complete. 


Proof of Purchase

It is important that a receipt is provided as proof of purchase. As the seller, this will be your responsibility and you will need to create two copies, presenting one to the buyer and keeping the other for your own records. This should include the names of the buyer and seller, date of transaction, amount paid, vehicle identification number, vehicle details and signatures of both parties.

Buyers may wish to pay a deposit in order to reserve the vehicle, in which case you will also need to provide a receipt as proof of this transaction.

If you are selling to a dealership rather than a private buyer, providing proof of purchase may differ. We buy cars at Autozone/Car Credit Now and we will provide a receipt for any transaction so you will not need to worry about producing this proof. We also offer part exchange in South Yorkshire and similarly, we will provide a receipt of your payment, along with a breakdown of the amount we have discounted for the price of your old car, as both sale and purchase will occur within a single transaction.


MOT Certificate

When you sell your car you must also present the buyer with at least the latest MOT certificate but more if you have them. This proves that the vehicle you are selling is roadworthy and shows when it is next due for a test. It may also be useful in a private sale as you may be able to get a better price for a car which has been checked for faults recently. 


Service History

A vehicle’s service history shows how well it has been maintained over time. The service book or receipts from garages should be passed on to the new owner.

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