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What happens during a car yearly service?
04 May 2022

What happens during a car yearly service?

What exactly is involved in a car service? How often do you need to get your car serviced and what is checked? Find out in our guide.

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibility - you want to make sure that you take care of your vehicle and make sure that it runs reliably and remains in great condition.

One of the most important ways to maintain your care is with an annual car service. But what is a car service and what happens during one? We take a deeper look into this vital part of car ownership.


What happens during a car service?

A yearly car service is not a legal requirement, however, it is a good idea to get your car serviced annually. You should have your car serviced at a reputable garage or dealership and can expect several checks to be carried out. The service will also include a change of your oil filter and your oil, as well as your air filter.


What is checked?

Your car will be subject to visual checks, where a trained mechanic looks for external signs of wear and tear or damage. They will also check your brakes and look at your gearbox. This is slightly different if you have a hybrid car, or an entirely electric vehicle, as your charging port will need to be checked.

As well as the car’s bodywork, a service should also include checks into the oil filter and engine oil, and the fluid levels. Your car lights and exhausts will also be thoroughly checked, as will the suspension and coolant levels.


How to maintain my car between services

While annual service is important, you can also maintain your car throughout the year to make sure it is reliable and well taken care of. This includes repairing any external damage quickly and taking your car in for checks if you notice anything seems to not be working correctly. Even keeping your car clean can help to maintain it and retain its value.


Why is a car service important?

A car service is important as you will be informed of any issues with your car, and maintenance will be suggested. It is convenient to get these repairs made when your car is serviced, and it means that your car will be safe to drive and more likely to pass its MOT.


How can having a car serviced annually help to keep value?

Having your car serviced annually is a good way of maintaining your vehicle to a high standard, and keeping track of any small changes and issues that may occur before they become larger problems. However, it is also useful as reputable buyers will wish to see complete service records, with stamps. This can keep the value higher than if you do not have these records.

Taking your car for a service is an essential part of car ownership, both during the time you use it and when you go to sell it on or trade it in. If you are looking for a used car and want to explore finance options, then get in touch with Autozone to discover more.