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What is a part exchange?
21 December 2021

What is a part exchange?

When you decide that it is time to upgrade to a new car, you will also need to consider what to do with your current vehicle. One option is to sell your car privately, or you could sell it to a dealership or an online vehicle buyer. Another option is to part exchange your car.

What is a part exchange?

Part exchange is a service offered by some dealerships, which enables you to trade in your current vehicle and use its value to put towards the cost of a new one. It essentially means that you can buy and sell at the same time in a single transaction. We buy cars at Autozone and can offer great part exchange prices.


Benefits of part exchange

Selling your car privately means that you will have to prepare it, advertise it, and haggle with strangers, which requires a lot of time and effort. Part exchanging is comparatively easy and extremely quick. You can get a valuation almost instantly online and then all you need to do is drop off your car at the dealership and pick up the keys to your new one.

Being able to drive your car to a dealership and then drive home in a new vehicle is also far more convenient than having to arrange a lift or plan a bus, taxi or train journey for one half of the journey, which would be the case if you were buying and selling with separate providers.

Another disadvantage to a private sale is that you will be dealing with a non-professional buyer that you won’t know or trust. On the other hand, reputable dealerships like Autozone will offer safe and secure payment methods.


How much could you get for your car?

A vehicle’s value will depend on make, model, age, mileage, colour and condition. When you apply for an online valuation for your part exchange, you will be asked to provide this information and it is important to be as honest as possible, to get an accurate price estimate and to avoid complications when your vehicle is inspected at the dealership.


How part exchange works

  • Get a valuation
      Get a free vehicle valuation by getting in touch with the Autozone team via phone call or email.
  • Choose your new car
      If you are happy with our offer, it is time to choose your new car! Explore the huge range of used cars in Barnsley at Autozone to find the right one for you. The price we offer you for your current car will be subtracted from the cost of your new vehicle, so be sure to factor this into your budget.
  • Drop off your car
      Drive your car to Autozone in Barnsley at a time and date that works for you. Our team will give it a quick inspection and let you do the same with your new car.
  • Sign the paperwork and drive away
      Finally, you will need to sign the necessary documents and pay the reduced price for the new car. Once this is taken care of, we will trade keys and you can drive away in your new motor!